Jura z6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Bottom-up innovations have been changing the coffee industry for years, and Jura couldn’t stay away from challenges and changes, bringing the future into the kitchen ahead of schedule. The company is renowned for developing and producing innovative appliances, and the new generation of automatic machines has yet again raised the bar for the competition. Z6 is nothing if not a milestone in the history of coffee making.

Jura Z6 comes in two models: Diamond Black (No. 15245) and Aluminium (No. 15237) that vary in looks only. Whichever style you choose, it is sure to make your day. With Swiss quality on its side, Jura will make you forget coffee-making has ever been a chore. It will do all the work in your stead at the press of a button and in a blink of an eye.

Jura z6

Jura z6

Do you need a coffee machine that will do all the work for you? Read our Jura Z6 review to find out whether it’s worth the money & meets your needs.


TOP Features

  • Drool-worthy, barista-grade beverages
  • Powered by artificial intelligence, the machine does the work for you
  • A pleasure to clean and maintain with zero fuss

Aesthetics and build quality

You’ve heard it before, but it’s especially true for Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine – it will fit any kitchen, regardless of your chosen style, classic, modern, loft, or anything in between. With two color options, you are sure to find the perfect look for your counter.

Now let’s decompose this machine, top to bottom. The first thing you notice from above is a 10-oz bean container. With a lid that preserves the aroma, this container is designed for roasted, untreated coffee beans. Do not put frozen beans, fresh grounds, sugar, or any other additions here. If you do, you might damage the grinder and ruin the heart of the machine.

For pre-ground coffee, use a chute behind the bean holding container. Next to it, you’ll find a grinder adjustment switch. While we’re up here, pay attention to a rotary switch that allows you to switch between drinks and adjust the coffee maker settings. Read on for an in-depth look into its workings.

Mowing down, you’ll see a color TFT display with buttons on both sides. Below that on the front of the machine, hot-water spout and adjustable dual spout are ready and waiting. Make sure you follow basic safety precautions while brewing, as these removable parts might be scalding. A drip tray and cup platform are located at the very bottom. Behind them, you’ll notice a waste container for used grounds that fits up to 20 portions. The 84-oz water tank is on the left.

Quality materials make it a long-term investment. Solid plastic on the outside with an adjustable stainless steel grinder is easy to cleanup and maintain.

This is all to say that the Jura Z6 coffee machine boasts a convenient and user-friendly layout. All removable parts are easily adjustable, so it’ll be a breeze to set up the machine and get brewing. With Jura, you get as close to having a professional live-in barista as you can get.

Ease of use

The one thing you should never forget when using a device like this is that the less you interfere with the AI-powered brewing, the tastier your cuppa will be. You can ‘talk’ to your machine via a 3.5’’ color display with its simple and clear messages. They will warn you about the required maintenance routines or possible malfunctions. Sixteen standard notifications cover almost 100% of the processes that might involve you.

Jura Z6 espresso machine boasts 22 coffee drinks to satisfy any need, from hot water or a portion of milk to cappuccino and latte macchiato. Moreover, every beverage can be customized to fit your taste perfectly. Use a rotary switcher to alter milk temperature, volume, or coffee strength. The temperature range is around 20 degrees, meaning every level changes temperature by 2 degrees. The best thing is that you don’t need to change settings every time you brew as the machine remembers your preferences.

Your first six coffee choices are shown on the screen. Brewing them takes one press of a button on either side of the display. If you want other drinks, the rotary switcher helps select them. It’s easy to use, so it doesn’t take much time to learn how everything works.

The Intelligence Water System is there to minimize calcifying. The manufacturer recommends using Clearyl Smart filter cartridges if water hardness exceeds 10 ºdH. This water system is great due to its automatization: your work ends as soon as you insert the cartridge into the water tank where it is detected automatically. It’s a pretty smart way of dealing with people forgetting about connecting filters to the machine via the control panel.

This model surpasses many other Jura coffee makers when it comes to convenience. A milk spout is centered now, so there is no need to move a cup while brewing milk-based drinks. Milk froth is delicate and creamy, with the best results achieved at 39-46 ºF. Unfortunately, a vacuum milk container or a milk cooler is not included among the standard accessories. You’ll have to buy it separately or use a milk carton.

Z6 was built with espresso lovers in mind. Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) and Professional Aroma Grinder are two indisputable proofs of this. They open up the new, advanced, previously unrevealed aroma. PEP works intermittently, unlike the regular brewing process. This ‘pulsation’ takes a bit more time, but it prevents extra acidity and bitterness while making your coffee stronger.

Jura does not cut corners when it comes to your coffee flavor. For delicious results, adjust a grinder with stainless steel burrs manually when the machine is on. And while a 15-bar pump is common for this class of espresso machines, one thermoblock keeps the price from going through the roof.

Beware: some removable parts are not dishwasher safe. However, the machine is relatively easy to clean up. For example, there is a container for milk system cleaning that simplifies the process. Other removable parts of the milk system are easily dismantled and rinsed under running water. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the milk system every day.

To ensure long-term performance, the machine will warn you when cleaning is needed. On average, it happens after 180 cups. The whole cleaning process takes about 20 minutes and requires minimal involvement. The ground coffee chute should also be cleaned occasionally by using a special tablet. Descaling lasts approximately 45 minutes, so using filters pays off if you don’t want to go through this tedious process.

Money for the value

Z6 isn’t cheap, by any stretch of the imagination. On average, online stores sell it for $3,500 to $3,800. You’ll easily find cheaper models with similar features even within the Jura lineup. Still, this machine works professionally and precisely. You get a lightning-fast coffee maker that can almost read your mind and prepare the drink you crave. Besides, it will last you for many years due to its durable housing and reliable Swiss quality.

Design-wise, it looks captivating and is suitable for nearly every kitchen. Bold finishes make this machine look sleek and futuristic. You won’t regret buying it for a minute, especially once you try out AI-powered cleaning features that leave other automatic self-cleaning coffee makers in the dust.

If you are ready to invest in your coffee-drinking happily ever after, check out the best price.


If you are used to a portafilter handle and standard steam wand, take a closer look at Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine. Its 12-oz boiler creates strong steaming power on par with professional machines. What’s more, you can put cups on a cup tray to minimize the footprint. It takes getting used to in terms of operation and cleaning, but Silvia is a lot cheaper and offers outstanding flavor.

Saeco PicoBaristo is another affordable yet fully automated option. It has 15 beverage settings, more than enough for most coffee lovers. PicoBaristo is a close cousin to Jura when it comes to features, but it is two times cheaper. You won’t find fault with the quality of prepared drinks, as a combination of a water filter and a ceramic grinder ensure top-notch taste. Automatic self-cleaning features are another invaluable benefit.

Cappuccino or latte? Whichever milk-based coffee drink is your poison, De’Longhi Magnifica is a solid option. You can prepare milk for your beverage of choice to get the best results. The rotary control panel is intuitive, so you won’t have any trouble making customized drinks.

Final verdict

We hope this Jura Z6 review clarified some things for you and demystified this machine that has become somewhat of a legend among coffee enthusiasts. It brews so many delicious drinks effortlessly that other models can only dream about this level of versatility. Everything it does, Jura does in style, quickly and professionally. Built-in AI means you can stop tiptoeing around your coffee maker and finally enjoy tailor-made beverages in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Another unbeatable benefit is automatic cleaning. The machine will notify you when full-scale washup is necessary and do the work for you. And you will never need to descale if you use water filters. You have a chance to treat your taste buds without thinking about cleaning. What more could a coffee addict dream of?

Jura Z6 Espresso Machine is a future come to life on your kitchen counter. Z6 will become your favorite 24/7 barista if you let it.

Renat Mamatazin

Renat Mamatkazin


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