Top-7 Best Coffee Beans for Pour Over Reviewed

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Volcanica Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Volcanica Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Best selling Volcanica coffee, with very ripe strawberry, pineapple guava, dark chocolate, distinct lavender-like flowers flavour notes.

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best overall
LifeBoost Medium Roast

LifeBoost Medium Roast

Single Origin, sun dried and spring water washed whole beans low acid coffee.

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Coffee Bros. Light Roast Coffee Beans

Coffee Bros. Light Roast Coffee Beans

Light roasted 100% Arabica beans is extremely sweet and delicate coffee, perfect for espresso.

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Hey, coffee lover!

Do you agree that making pour over coffee feels like being transported to ancient times? There’s just something primal and intimate about it.

In this review, we showcase the best coffee beans for pour over coffee (in our opinion).

Let’s get our brew on!

Volcanica Coffee – Ethiopian Origin Yirgacheffe

Volcanica Coffee – Ethiopian Origin Yirgacheffe

  • Region: Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe)
  • Type of roast: Medium
  • Form: Whole bean, Ground (1 lb, 3-pack of 1 lb, 5 lb bag)
  • Flavor notes: sweet, fruity, flowery
  • Certifications: Fair Trade, Kosher

Some consider Ethiopia to be the birthplace of coffee. It’s also a highly volcanic country, with over 60 volcanoes both extinct and active. Volcanoes are dangerous, but they have a positive side — they produce amazingly fertile soil. And this is the type of soil Volcanica Coffee looks for.

Volcanica Coffee sources only the purest coffee beans from the world’s volcanic regions. Their Yirgachaffe (one of the most famous coffee-growing regions in Ethiopia) 100% Arabica is delightfully fruity and flowery, like a young wine. Volcanica has both Fair Trade and Kosher certifications, so you can be sure they practice sustainable and ethical sourcing.

We recommend Volacnica’s Yirgachaffe for pour over because it has a nice balance of acidity and bright flavors that, together with the medium body, create a pleasant mouthfeel, aroma and taste. You can buy Ethiopian coffee in your grocery store, but this coffee is worth every penny. Reviewers rave about the quality, and from what we’ve read, it’s perfect for pour over.

Lifeboost Medium Roast

Lifeboost Medium Roast

  • Region: Nicaragua
  • Type of roast: Medium
  • Form: Whole bean, Ground (12 oz bag)
  • Flavor notes: sweet
  • Certifications: USDA Organic

This coffee is very pricy — $35 for a 12 oz bag is one of the most expensive on our list. The obvious question is, is it worth it? Let’s find out!

Lifeboost takes pride in ethically sourcing their coffee. Their marketing points out that competitors don’t third-party test for mycotoxins and pesticides and that the competition has highly acidic coffee. We like that Lifeboost tests their coffee, and the low acidity means this medium-roasted, single-origin coffee is great for people with GI or dental issues.

Lifeboost sources their beans from high in the Nicaraguan mountains (5,700+ ft), where each coffee cherry is handpicked and hand-washedd. After the washing/drying process, the beans are roasted to perfection in Lifeboost’s New York facilities. One thing to note is that you won’t find a roasting date on the package.

We recommend Lifeboost for people who want single-origin coffee with low acidity. Pour over tends to amplify most coffees’ acidity, which could cause stomach issues if you’re prone to them. Lifeboost nips this in the bud, so you can enjoy pour over without worrying about upsetting your tummy.

Coffee Bros. Light Roast Coffee Beans

Coffee Bros. Light Roast Coffee Beans

  • Region: Ethiopia (Keffa) and Colombia (Nariño)
  • Type of roast: Light
  • Form: Whole bean (12 oz bag)
  • Flavor notes: sweet, floral, fruity
  • Certifications: Unknown

Coffee Bros. is our #3 choice for whole beans coffee for pour over. The company was created by two (actual) brothers in 2019. In the short time the company has been around, it has gathered a cult following. Apart from this light roast, they produce ten other coffees from various regions of the world with different roasts.

Coffee Bros. chose to source their Light Roast beans from two coffee powerhouses — Ethiopia and Colombia. Ethiopian coffee is renowned for its fruity qualities, while Colombian coffee is, in addition to being fruity, very sweet with a medium body. That’s what you’ll experience with this blend — a sweet, fruity, floral combo with a light-syrupy body.

We recommend Coffee Bros.’ blend for people that like a light roast. If that’s not your cup of coffee, you’ll find something in the Coffee Bros. selection that will align with your preferences.

Koa Coffee Grande Domaine

Koa Coffee Grande Domaine

  • Region: Hawaii (Mauna Loa, Kona region)
  • Type of roast: Medium-dark (Vienna roast)
  • Form: Whole bean, Ground (8 oz, 16 oz bag)
  • Flavor notes: sweet, fruity
  • Certifications: Unknown

If you search best coffee beans for pour over Reddit, you’ll find that there are many discussions when it comes to Kona coffee. Right off the bat, it’s the most expensive coffee on our list. We’ll explain why.

Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii and is home to the annual Kona Coffee Festival. The coffee beans that go into Grande Domaine are grown on Mauna Loa’s slopes, one of five volcanoes in Hawaii. The reason it’s so expensive probably has to do with it being grown in the US, where producing, well, anything, is generally going to be pricier than, say, South America or Africa. But is this coffee really that good?

Koa Coffee’s Grande Domaine is a blend of the best (regular) Kona coffee beans and Peaberry Kona beans. Peaberry means the bean is very small, a sought-after quality around the world. This blend is medium-dark roasted (Vienna roast) to bring out the flavor notes of sweet, fruity goodness.

While it has a heft price tag, this coffee is excellent when made in a pour over brewer. You can even buy pre-ground to take the guesswork out of your coffee ritual. Is it worth it? Coffee connoisseurs that have tried it give it two thumbs up.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Costa Rica Tarrazu

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Costa Rica Tarrazu

  • Region: Costa Rica (Tarrazu)
  • Type of roast: Medium
  • Form: Whole bean, Ground (12 oz, 3-pack of 12 oz, 2 lb, 5 lb, 6-pack of 5 lb bag)
  • Flavor notes: sweet, chocolate
  • Certifications: Unknown

Fresh Roasted is a brand we’ve reviewed before. They ethically source their coffee from around the world, making sure to leave a (good) lasting impression on the local communities they source from. For example, every coffee farmer and worker they employ gets full benefits, including medical, housing and transportation.

Also, they adhere to a micro-roasting, quick-packaging and shipping schedule to get beans fresh to your door. Fresh Roasted Costa Rica Tarrazu is grown at an altitude of 4,260-5,250 ft, and only the best and ripest coffee cherries are selected. The eye-opening acidity and sweet, chocolaty flavors will be even more evident in a pour over.

We recommend Fresh Roasted’s Costa Rica coffee for several reasons: 1) it’s ethically sourced; 2) it has an amazing flavor and quality; 3) you can buy it in bulk (5 lb and 3-pack of 5 lb bags). If you like The Costa Rice Tarrazu, try Fresh Roasted’s other coffees!

Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee

Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee

  • Region: Guatemala and Colombia
  • Type of roast: Medium-dark
  • Form: Whole bean (12 oz, 3-pack of 12 oz bag)
  • Flavor notes: sweet, nutty, chocolate, fruity
  • Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

The Bulletproof brand is famous for its bulletproof coffee — a concoction of coffee, MCT oil and butter. We placed this coffee #6 on our list because it’s a solid choice that is great in a pour over. It’s sourced from Guatemala and Colombia (and possibly Brazil). Amazon and the official Bulletproof website don’t agree on the origin — the Amazon description includes Brazil as a source.

In any case, this coffee is affordable at $15 per 12 oz bag. However, you can buy solid single-origin for that price. Flavor-wise, you’ll experience spicy, fruity to chocolaty and nutty notes. And a pour over is the perfect medium for extracting the most out of these beans.

Full disclosure: some people report that Bulletproof coffee is rebranded, and in reality, the beans are roasted by the Portland Roasting Company. As far as we know, this isn’t against the law, but as we’re interested in providing accurate information, it’s something to keep in mind.

We recommend this coffee because it’s packed with flavor and carries the Bulletproof brand name, which, in our opinion, means it’s high quality.

Peet's Colombia Luminosa

Peet's Colombia Luminosa

  • Region: Colombia and Ethiopia
  • Type of roast: Light
  • Form: Whole bean, Ground (12 oz bag, 2-pack of 12 oz, or a custom amount of 12 oz bag)
  • Flavor notes: fruity, flowery, chocolate
  • Certifications: Kosher

Rounding off our Top-7 amazing coffee beans for pour over is Peet’s Colombian Luminosa. Peet’s is a brand that you’ll find in many top coffee lists. They are a no-nonsense brand with a knack for getting both single-origin and blended coffee right. And their Luminosa blend is the perfect example of Peet’s attention to detail.

Despite the name, Luminosa is sourced from both Colombia and Ethiopia. Don’t let the blend steer you away from this coffee — it combines the fruity Ethiopian Arabica with Colombian depth and nutty/chocolaty notes. As a light roast, it has higher acidity than a medium roast, and that means you’ll get fruity, bright acidity in a pour over.

Side note: for some reason, sites other than Peet’s official website have 12 oz bags, while the official website only has 16 oz bags available.

We recommend Peet’s Luminosa blend as a great morning coffee. It’ll wake you up with a blast of caffeine and a fruity zing of mouth-watering flavor.

How to Choose Coffee for Your Pour Over

As we’ve mentioned in our other guides, there is no one coffee to rule them all. Pour over brewers (with paper filters) tend to bring out acidity and subtle flavors. Arabica beans from Africa or Central/South America would be our choice.

No doubt, you can use espresso beans for pour over coffee. The problem is, dark roasts could be too overwhelming. But don’t let someone else’s opinion influence your tastes. If you like dark roasts in a pour over, great!

However, if you want to uplift the subtle flavors in a single-origin or blended coffee, a light to medium roast is ideal.

Choosing a Pour Over Brewer Size

Pay attention to the water capacity and not the number of cups stated in the description. Coffee maker manufacturers use a 5 oz cup standard, which may be confusing.

Best Filter for Pour Overs

When used with a paper filter, the pour over method takes out many essential oils that make coffee bitter. On the other hand, if you’re using a permanent (mesh) filter and notice your coffee is too bitter, try a paper filter instead. Paper filters are cheap and don’t require any cleaning — throw them out with the grounds (or compose them).

What is the Best Pour Over Grind Size

Choosing the best coffee beans grind for a pour over takes a bit of guesswork. A good place to start is a medium grind. Adjust the grind (more coarse/fine) depending on how the coffee turns out. Also, brew time and your pouring method affect the result as well, so keep perfecting both.

Closing Thoughts

Using a pour over brewer makes us feel more connected to the ritual process of making coffee. Our Top-7 list is in no way perfect and only reflects the current day and age. Tomorrow, a new roaster might come along and surprise us, so we’re always on the lookout.

And you should be too. Go with your gut, and try as many different coffees as possible.

TL:DR; go with what you like!

Renat Mamatazin

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