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How to Make Coffee Like a Pro

Tired of the swill chain coffee shops serve instead of coffee? It’s time to take your caffeine needs into your own hands and learn how to brew coffee like a professional barista. With our expert advice, you’ll find the right tools and beans to make every cuppa a masterpiece. Whether you prefer classic espresso or new-fangled cold-brew, we’ve got your craving for java learning covered!

Everything Needed To Brew Coffee Like a Pro

To get you started on your coffee discovery journey, let us introduce you to eight fascinating brewing techniques that produce startlingly different but equally delicious results.

1. French Press

For a rich, earthy daily cuppa, use fresh medium-grind beans of your choice. You’ll need a heaping tablespoon for every 6 oz of water. The secret to getting the best taste is the combination of hot (not boiling!) water and a steeping period of up to 4 minutes. Once you push down the plunger, don’t wait long to enjoy your drink, as it’ll develop sour and bitter tones with time. Clean the French press (especially the filter) carefully after every use, and it’ll serve you well for years to come.

2. Pour Over

This ingenious brewing method brings out the beans’ brightest nuances. To brew a perfect cuppa, get your water heated to 200 F, flatten the filter in the cone, and heat it with a bit of hot water. Toss this splash of water, add the medium-fine grounds into the filter, and pour a bit of water in a spiral to moisten the beans. Wait 30 seconds to let java off-gas and continue pouring water in a spiral to keep the grounds evenly moist. Toss the filter and pour the delicious brew. We recommend adding 0.5 oz of water for every gram of the grounds for best results.

3. Chemex

When you’ve mastered pour-over, you can make coffee at home with a Chemex in much the same manner to enjoy the vivid acidity and bright flavor nuances. You should go through the same steps as you would when brewing pour-over, including heating the water, preheating the pot and filter, soaking the beans to let them ‘bloom’, and pouring the water in a spiral to keep the beans evenly moist. For 50 grams of coffee, you’ll need around 25 to 30 oz of water.

4. Aeropress

If you want to master one of the best ways to brew coffee to make it strong and intense, Aeropress is a must-have. It works well with medium-ground beans of your choice and hot water at 175 to 200 F. First, insert the filter into the cup and preheat it with hot water. Lock it in place and add the grounds into the chamber. Add some water to the Aeropress to pre-infuse the beans, wait 30 seconds, then pour the remainder of the water. Stir the mixture and wait for a minute to let the brew steep before placing Aeropress over a cup and pressing the plunger. Add sugar and milk or enjoy black!

5. Moka pot

The strongest, most intense cuppa you can achieve on a stovetop comes out of a Moka pot. It’s the closest you get to espresso without a machine. For best results, pour hot water into the bottom chamber, insert the filter basket and top it off with medium-ground beans (drip machine setting is fine enough). Once you screw on the top part of the pot, keep the lid open and place it on the stovetop. You’ll need to take it off the heat once the liquid bubbling on top becomes the color of honey. Let the pot cool down on a cold, wet towel, pour the coffee, and enjoy!

6. Siphon

If you enjoy the magic of brewing smooth and mellow coffee, you’ll fall in love with siphon machines. They work well with medium grounds, hot filtered water, and endless patience. You’ll need to fill the lower bowl with hot water, insert the upper bowl with a filter, and wait till the water rises. Pour the grounds into the water and gently submerge them without mixing. You only get 12 stirring rotations to produce a deep vortex in 40 seconds. Once the time runs out, turn off the heat, let the brew drain, and pour your delicious java into a mug. After a couple of successful tries, you’ll feel nothing short of an alchemist.

7. Cold Brew

If you’re looking for refreshing, smooth, and no-fuss at-home coffee, cold brew is your best bet. You’ll need your favorite blend coarsely ground (think French press setting) and added to a glass jar or pot. Mix 1 part of the grounds with 2 parts of cold filtered water, stir and let the beans steep for 12 to 24 hours. The longer you leave the mix, the stronger brew you’ll end up with. Strain the mixture using cheesecloth, a thin paper coffee filter, or a trusty hanky. Dilute the brew with an equal amount of water and enjoy. You can also store it in an airtight bottle or jar in the fridge for a few days.

8. Turkish Cezve

This unique brewing method produces an extra-rich, strong, and punchy java in a tiny cup. To master home coffee brewing in a cezve, you’ll need a keen eye and plenty of patience. First, add 2 oz of cold water to the cezve, then portion a heaping teaspoon of extra finely ground beans (finer than for espresso) and as much sugar as you want. Let the mixture heat up without stirring it, you can start mixing the ingredients once the grounds sink to the bottom. Keep a close eye on the cezve and remove it from the heat once the coffee bubbles up. You can repeat this process once more before pouring coffee into a cup along with the delicious foam. Serve with a glass of water, add spices, and wait a couple of minutes for the unfiltered grounds to settle before sipping.

It takes professional baristas years to master their art, and here they are sharing their knowledge, trade secrets, and weird but effective tricks to help enjoy good coffee at home every time. Browse our detailed brewing guides, learn from professionals, share your experience, and fall ever deeper in love with coffee.

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